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Is Technology Making a Difference in Your School

Schools are pouring thousands of dollars into educational technologies. How can schools maximize the impact that this investment makes through careful, collaborative and simple planning? This workshop gives the practitioner an overview of current best-practices in educational technology and tools for determining if technology is having a positive impact on both the instructional and administrative roles of the school.

Handouts (now on wiki):  Is Technology Making a Difference in Your School?

Written comments about this workshop:

  • … I  used your framework to hold my ideas together. Your models helped a great deal. I suspect this framework will serve my school and me well into the future. It really made a difference.
  •  Prior to attending the conference, I had identified the various elements that you address in the hierarchy, but my thoughts about them were scattered. Your presentation helped me see a logical way to organize the various issues that need to be addressed in planning for technology implementation in schools.
  • Just a note to tell you how much I appreciated your witty and insightful observations into this world of educational technology. Your workshops were probably the most informative for me over the two days that I attended. Your workshop materials postings on your web page were helpful too.
  • The information is so practical and with the handouts and website readily accessible to use immediately.
  • An excellent help in helping us know what to do once we have the technology.
  • I was really impressed with your keynote and breakout sessions, and I have started making changes to our tech plan, our professional development, our Web site, and other aspects of our tech integration.
  • Doug’s emphasis is on educational goals being the driving force behind technology decisions - a message that our district needs to hear more often and more emphatically.
  • Advice from someone who obviously has “hands-on” knowledge of what it takes to make technology and integral part of the the school curriculum.
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